Fall 2023 MBP Ambassadors

Welcome and thank you for being a Mandy Beth Photography ambassador! I'm so so so excited to have such a stellar group of artists to create with this term and can't wait for all the fun ahead. This is my first time to have an ambassador program so I thank you in advance for your understanding and patience as things are figured out. This dashboard will hopefully be your "one stop" for the program and will be edited/updated over time with links to sessions as they are planned.



Text or call - 817-896-6784

What to expect...

The number of applications to the program was much higher than anticipated - I'm so grateful to the incredible community of talented dancers who support MBP.

To keep the program connective, there will be two ambassador groups based on age: 10-12 year olds and 13+ year olds. Both groupings will have the same offerings/requirements but the intention is that smaller peer groupings will foster friendships that will extend into other experiences in their dance community (classes, conventions, etc.).

Individual and group shots from the July sessions will be used to introduce the team. For this reason, the July session is mandatory to participate in the program. Dates were selected to accommodate as many ambassador schedules as possible:

  • 13+ years old: Saturday, July 22
  • 10-12 years old: Sunday, July 23

Ready? Let's Gooo!

To finalize your acceptance into the Mandy Beth Photography Ambassador Program, please complete the following steps by the end of July 6, 2023. Once the team is finalized, studio time will be booked for our first session and details will be sent out.

  1. Register for the ambassador program HERE. Please read through the contract carefully! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.
  2. Fill out a "get to know you" questionnaire. Some of the answers may be used on future posts that spotlight ambassadors.
  3. Text a vertical headshot or dance photo to 817-896-6784 (please no professional photos unless it is a MBP image - cell phone pics are totally fine!). This image will be used to create a graphic for IG stories announcing the team (your account will be tagged so you can repost as well).
  4. Add "@mandybethphoto.dance ambassador" to your Instagram bio line.
  5. Sign up for the GroupMe chat HERE so that you can be kept in the loop for information. A parent/guardian for each ambassador is needed on the chat so that session details and scheduling can be confirmed. Please only send messages that apply to the group through the GroupMe chat. (I'll wait for the whole team to be on there before sending info through GroupMe so that nobody misses any info.) If you have a quick question for Mandy, you are always welcome to text at 817-896-6784 or email mandy@mandybeth.com. Please know that I will do my best to respond when I'm able (thank you in advance for your patience as I'm a parent, too!).

If you are no longer able to participate in the program this term, please let MBP know immediately. I hope that you will consider re-applying in the future. <3

Team List and Coupon Codes

Below is a list of the Fall 2023 Ambassador Team, Instagram profile names, and coupon codes. As ambassadors, it is always appreciated when you help to promote MBP sessions. Add in your coupon code so your followers can save 10% off. As they do, you will earn $25 credit towards any future MBP session. Everyone's totals will be communicated to them at the end of the term.

What to expect after July 6th...

  • Detail/concept reveal and sign ups for our July session. (I cannot book time until I know how many are officially committed to the program.)
  • Ambassadors will send MBP a list of their fall commitments so that the next two session dates can be set with plenty of time to plan.

THANK YOU again for your enthusiasm and artistry!