Before Your Session

  • Prepare poses ahead of time. While it's fun to be creative and come up with awesome movements in the location (which we often do!), it helps to have a variety of poses that you can rock. Need inspiration? Check out the MBP Pinterest board HERE. Also - consider bookmarking poses you like on Instagram and save them so they are accessible. You can find lots of inspiration by following others and/or searching hashtags for specific dance styles. Look for ways to make a pose individualized to you - change the arms/feet, etc. There is also incredible movement in the choreography you already do - go through eight counts of your fave dance and examine the shapes you are already executing. Consider the vibe of the shoot and think of variety when planning poses - static, standing, one leg, groundwork, jumps/leaps, movement, etc. Don't underestimate the power of "simple" posing in your session. Varied movements make for stronger collections and give you more options. If we are at a location with elements like furniture, stairs, walls, railings, etc., think of how those can be incorporated in fun ways.
  • Practice poses before your session. Take a look at how movements feel/look. While it's great to get out of comfort zones a bit during sessions, safety is always first and foremost - many times we will not be working on a hard floor and a photo session is not time to execute a risky skill for the first time.
  • Save your planned poses on a phone or printed list. (And make sure your parent knows how to access them as they will likely be helping to keep track during your session.)
  • Don't forget to pack touchup makeup, hairspray, water, and outfit options.
  • Bonus points - right before your session, post a story about how excited you are and tag!

During Your Session

  • Arrive early - please stretch so that you are warm for your session and complete any touchups if needed.
  • While you wait for your turn during a mini session, find a dance pal and practice poses with one another. Once you feel prepared, you can encourage whoever is in front of the camera - everyone appreciates a cheering section! Let's build each other up!
  • A parent/guardian is required to be present for every session for dancers under the age of 18.
  • Parents - you can help your dancer by reminding them of poses... this helps everyone to maximize session time.
  • Behind the scenes footage is amazing! Capture video clips/photos of dancers posing or enjoying the day and share to your stories! (MBP also loves when you forward vertical video clips to 817-896-6784 - sometimes it's fun to assemble them into a reel showing how fun the day was!)
  • Dancers - don't forget to thank your parent/guardian for their time to bring and support you!

After Your Session

  • MBP will edit photos in the order taken - patience is appreciated!
  • Once galleries are delivered, please do not post screenshots - they often are pixelated and don't represent MBP well. There will be an option to easily download your photos individually and post the actual image.
  • Please do not apply social media "filters" to delivered photos or add post processing of your own (cropping to fit social media frames is fine).
  • Don't forget to tag on your posts and stories. If you use hashtags, please consider using #mbpdance for your image(s).
  • Hype up other MBP dance pals - comment and like their photos!