Documenting the birth of a little one is enough to get my emotions going, but having a sweet friendship with the mom and dad intensified it all tenfold. There has been no doubt in my mind that Kamille and Bradley would be incredible parents from the get-go. Their partnership during labor was beautiful to witness - Kamille embodied strength and Bradley was a calm rock of support. Amidst the waves of contractions, a soundtrack of biblical affirmations floated through the background and reminded this sweet momma's spirit of truths. Kamille's mother poured warmth onto her daughter and her Dad kept us all smiling.

And then, little Vivienne debuted and we all were instantly smitten. She is the tiniest cupcake of a babe! Within minutes, she was calm and had her bright eyes open for quite a while as she laid on her mommy.

Fun fact - Kamille is a dancer and her daughter was born on International Dance Day! Needless to say, Vivienne is already deeply loved. Congrats to this adorable family - you are all rockstars and I can't wait to see your daughter flourish and grow. <3