After years of shooting, it finally happened. This past fall was marked by historical rains. Session locations were flooded and mini session dates were rescheduled (and then rescheduled again).

This amazing family came to the lake for portraits and everything was going great... except for a dark area of the sky that kept growing. And then - the sky opened and dumped buckets on all of us. I tossed a quilt over my camera and we all high tailed it to the parking lot (not that running prevented any soaking). I'm so grateful that they allowed me to throw all my gear into their dry vehicle while I made my way to my car. I know I looked rather comedic.

Luckily, we got some great shots despite all of the hoopla and they graciously came out again to another location, where we were able to complete their session! It was so fun to get lots of looks for this special crew and I'm grateful for the Lackeys, who brought incredible energy and smiles to both of their sessions.