I'm fortunate to say that I've been able to document this precious couple through the years across different seasons. Kamille and Bradley treasure their marriage and work continually to strengthen their commitment with each passing year. It was a joy to work with them on a special session to document their seventh wedding anniversary!

We took advantage of a lovely, warm evening and explored a gorgeous spot in Fort Worth. Kamille and Bradley shared laughs and tender embraces amongst willow branches and large rocks. They were rock stars and even played in the water! I enjoy capturing genuine connection between people - every frame I took of them was saturated with love and light.

Celebrating marriage can sometimes take a back seat to other things in life - schedules get busy and we are needed by others. But when we intentionally carve out time with the one our heart jumps for ... it's a beautiful thing.

Kamille and Bradley - thank you for allowing me to capture the special bond you both share. You are incredible on your own and all the more amazing together. I pray that your marriage continues to grow as your cultivate your relationship with one another and with God. Happy Anniversary! <3