I'm so excited to share this gorgeous nursing session with you! Sarah wanted to capture this sweet season with her two boys - it was an honor to document their bond. My favorite image is of these brothers holding hands and sharing their tender connection.

Below are Sarah's words about her breastfeeding journey:

"After being unable to nurse my first baby in 2009 due to a lack of information and support, I worked hard to become more educated and prepared to nurse my second baby. My first son, Niko, had tongue and lip ties that caused some initial struggles but with the help of chiropractic adjustments we were able to overcome those. I became pregnant again when Niko was 15 months old and I knew he wasn’t ready to wean, so with my midwife’s support we continued to nurse. I did experience some pain and nursing aversions during pregnancy and my milk eventually dried up, but he was still very attached to his “nursies”, so we kept going. I even nursed him during labor!
Gianni, my second son, was in the NICU for 5 days immediately after birth. Pumping in the hospital was challenging and he was initially given donor milk until my milk came in. He was first fed expressed milk through a feeding tube until he was strong enough to latch on his own. After leaving the NICU, he too struggled with tongue and lip ties which we eventually had to have surgically corrected. We have now been tandem nursing for a year and it has strengthened the bond my boys have and I believe it really helped Niko adjust to having a baby brother. This part of our nursing journey is soon coming to a close, but I will be forever grateful that I have been able to nurse these boys for so long!" ~Sarah
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Sarah is a student midwife at the Nest Birth Center in Mansfield. Facebook: www.facebook.com/nestbirthcenter and Instagram: @thenestbirthcenter