You guys. This wedding.

I can't pick my favorite moment.

Whether it was the way John kept twisting his newly acquired ring during the reception. Or how Danyelle was smiling and radiant the entire day (seriously - this girl is precious). Or how big and genuine every single hug between everyone present was. Or when there was a large group of people belting out "Kiss From a Rose" on the porch in gleeful unison. Or how the book accents and details perfectly reflected this sweet couple who both work for a library. Or the heartfelt and emotional letters Danyelle and John read aloud during their ceremony that caused every eye to leak. Or when it rained just a smidge out of nowhere while we were on the porch and stopped just as suddenly, as if to cover the whole "rain-on-your-wedding-day-is-good-luck thing" (check!). Or the way these two look at each other.

All of these snippets (and more!) comprise this unique, beautiful wedding. In every way, this day was a celebration of two people's deep commitment to one another. Congrats to Danyelle and John - it was a pleasure to document your story and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

Sit back, warm up your smiling muscles, and enjoy. . .