You have a story. Let’s tell it.

A booking with Mandy Beth Photography is going to be a little different than what you might be used to.  Many times, having photos taken involves a lot of posing and “say cheese” moments.  And while this approach can result in some great photos, I want to capture you and your awesome loved ones as you really are.  Your passion, your traditions, and what is important to you.  I don’t want to just book a session – I want to capture an experience.  What can be easily overlooked as “boring” or “typical” is a distinct reflection of your current season of life.

I have provided photography services under a different name but my heart felt inspired to better represent my clients.  While contemplating the direction to go, I kept coming back to the following:

  • People are the most beautiful when they are doing something they love.
  • There is a need for traditions to be preserved.
  • Oftentimes, favorite photos are not posed.
  • We shouldn’t wait for major life events or Christmas cards to have photos taken.

Mandy Beth Photography has been established to address these issues and ensure that your images will reflect your life.  Because of your wonderful uniqueness, each session will have its own look and spirit.  Contact me so we can start planning your session.

Please visit the ideas page as a starting point – I look forward to working with you!