So excited to keep the fun going...

Thank you for continuing to be a Mandy Beth Photography ambassador! I'm so so so excited to have such a stellar group of artists to create with this term and can't wait for all the fun ahead. Just like in the fall, this dashboard will hopefully be your "one stop" for the program and will be edited/updated over time with links to sessions as they are planned. (Please bookmark this link!)


Text or call - 817-896-6784

Spring 2024 Changes

With a majority of the team returning for spring (yay!), the decision has been made to keep our original participants and not open applications for additional ambassadors this term so that a similar dynamic and level of service can be retained.

Things will run mostly the same with a few changes. There will be no attempt for an updated group photo this semester since competition schedules are all over the place. MBP will try to be intentional with grabbing buddy pics between session switch outs so that everyone still gets some friend pics.

There are four dates available for ambassador shoots:

  • Sunday, January 21
  • Saturday, March 16
  • Sunday, April 28
  • Saturday, May 11

Each dancer can choose to participate in two ($250) or three ($350) sessions. As before, the date selections are due at the beginning of the term so the appropriate time at venues can be booked.

It is understood that it is holiday season, so if you need to make delayed/staggered payments for your ambassador fee, that is totally fine. The main thing is to please communicate via the booking links below which dates you plan to attend so I know how many to plan for (this is particularly important for the January session). Ideally, getting venues booked also means I can get your dancer's specific time scheduled sooner than later, which is crucial during this busy semester.

There may be additional opportunities that are extended during the term (new technical concepts, dancewear model calls, promo images, etc). These sessions may have fees associated with them and are completely optional.

Action Items...

To finalize your acceptance into the Mandy Beth Photography Ambassador Program for Spring 2024, please complete the following steps by January 1, 2024. Once the team is finalized, studio time will be booked for our first session and details will be sent out.

  1. Register for the ambassador program using the link below (please do not share this link with other dancers). Delayed/partial payments are totally fine since it is the holiday season. Even if you don't pay anything right now, it would be appreciated if everyone could select their option by January 1. Please read through the contract carefully! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out:
  1. Ensure you still have " ambassador" in your Instagram bio line just like last term.
  2. Please keep the same GroupMe chat so that you can be kept in the loop for information. A parent/guardian for each ambassador is needed on the chat so that session details and scheduling can be confirmed. Please only send messages that apply to the group through the GroupMe chat. If you have a quick question for Mandy, you are always welcome to text at 817-896-6784 or email Please know that I will do my best to respond when I'm able (thank you in advance for your patience as I'm a parent, too!).

I plan to make an IG story announcing the continuing ambassadors once everyone has registered. If you are no longer able to participate in the program this term, please let MBP know immediately. I hope that you will consider re-applying in the future. <3

Team List and Coupon Codes

Below is a list of the MBP Ambassador Team, Instagram profile names, and coupon codes. As ambassadors, it is always appreciated when you help to promote MBP sessions. Add in your coupon code so your followers can save 10% off. As they do, you will earn $25 credit towards any future MBP session. (Coupon codes/ambassador credits do not apply to "volume" jobs with a hosting organization such as company/studio/team shoots, recital photos, etc.) Everyone's totals will be communicated to them at the end of the term.