Why I Love Story Sessions


I’m not alone in this, but the compliments from my spouse that take up permanent residence in my memory are the ones where I am in the middle of life…wiping up pieces of dinner, reading to our kids, writing out lesson plans for our daughter, or soaking in the end-of-the day quiet in my jammies.

The “you’re beautiful” or the “you look happy” that materializes when I’m up to my elbows in daily living gets me the most.

That brand of accolade is real and deeply felt.

When we are all in our element – when we are experiencing what we enjoy and being who we are, that is authentic beauty.

And that is what my heart yearns to do for you.  To document raw, real experiences.  To be the mirror that reflects your season of life.  And I get it – it’s a little scary and unknown to embrace.  A lifestyle approach may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you decide you want professional photos… but the authenticity of those captured moments will mean more to you now and in the long run.  I promise.  Years of shooting for myself and clients has taught me this. (Just think about your three favorite photos of all time and what they all have in common.)

I understand the immense need and desire for traditional portraits.  I do. That’s why we will rock out traditional mini session days throughout the year and each story session will have some posed portraits at the beginning and/or end of your scheduled time.

Traditional portraits are fantastic, but we can’t eliminate the stories – the coursing streams that connect our yesterdays to tomorrows.  They exist in and beyond life milestones.  They are present in our routines, our work, and our passions.  And all too often – they are never recorded or preserved.

I want to change that.

If you are on the fence or wondering about what the process of a story session will actually be like, please do not hesitate to call/text/email me.  I would deeply enjoy talking to you.  Don’t have a specific experience in mind?  Totally okay.  I have a questionnaire and list of ideas that will point us in the right direction and we’ll work together until we find the perfect concept.

I want you to be wildly in love with your photos and the moment they represent.  I want them to feel like sweet words.  The story you’re writing is pretty awesome – let’s tell it.


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