Day in the Life {July 2015}

July 15th was all about…

a gloriously lazy morning with my buds and some adorable princesses • a girls’ beach trip (while the menfolk were fishing) • sand in our toes • castle construction • Cheeto-stained fingers • afternoon lounging and games • picking limes • dance party • the beach – part II (this time with the boys!) • crustacean hunting • running around with Lulu the pup • chasing birds • lizard spotting • lasagna • cuddles • ice cream at Hey Mikey’s • iPad swapping with your friend

…  …  …  …  …  …

PS – As you can tell, the 15th fell on a day where Paisley and I were out at Galveston with some of our friends (we left Daddy and brother back home). I debated on whether or not to take my camera, but knew that hauling it around (especially at the beach – yikes!) would give me stress. So I used my little ‘ol iPhone to shoot the entire day and found it both practical and a fun way to shake things up.


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