Day in the Life {January 2016}

Confession: I didn’t take many nice (non iPhone) photos of my crew in 2015.  (That saying about the cobbler’s children being barefoot comes to mind…)

I love personal photo projects, but have been too intimidated to tackle anything like a daily photo.  In an effort to better document my family’s story through 2016, I plan to do a “day in the life” shoot on the 15th of every month.  On “DITL” day, my camera will be handy to capture whatever it is that we are doing.  By the end of the year, all the days of the week and a variety of activities will be represented.

Turn up your volume and enjoy!

……….     ………     ………     ………     ………

January 15th was all about…

sleeping in and basking in cuddles  •  sticky fingers at breakfast •  learning at our homeschool group activity •  “catching” tiny rainbows on the floor  •  playing together (stuffed robots apparently need to be charged in the sunlight) •  naptime (and quiet time!) •  throwing leaves in the stream •  painting sticks for a centerpiece •  kicking, running, and mowing •  FaceTime with Nana to show off our first loose tooth •  breakfast for dinner •  familiar bedtime routines


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